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Nursing IS Normal – in the courtroom

Kudos to the mother, the lawyers, and the judge that treated nursing as something normal:

WAUKESHA – A mom from Milwaukee was pleading guilty to a crime in a Waukesha County courtroom when her baby became fussy and hungry, so she proceeded to give her baby a breast-fed meal while giving her guilty plea.

Read the rest of the story by Jay Sorgi at this website.


Nursing is Normal Slide Show

This is so cool. Sometimes mothers are worried about breastfeeding their babies in public. Kathy O’Brien set out to change that with her Nursing “IS” Normal project.  As part of the Madison Nursing Is Normal project, Lea Wolf took photos of Madison-area mothers nursing their babies out and about in Madison. If you’re like me and missed the gallery opening last Friday, it’s not too late. We can check it out on YouTube:

Nursing in public — the statue

Check out this World Breastfeeding Week story

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — For World Breastfeeding Week, Phantom-Financial announces the unveiling of a life-size park bench sculpture of Angelina Jolie nude with her twin babies by New York artist Daniel Edwards just minutes from Brad Pitt’s own birthplace in the Oklahoma City Metro area in September before its Fall exhibition in London.

“Landmark for Breastfeeding,” inspired by last year’s cover of W magazine featuring Angelina Jolie suckling her baby, depicts a seated nude Jolie double-breastfeeding twins. The tranquil bronze statue demonstrates the “football-hold,” an accepted technique for breastfeeding two babies simultaneously…

Celebuzz has got the pictures.

My thoughts? I sure hope this helps people feel more comfortable with breastfeeding rather than providing shock value. I have the feeling it will probably go both ways, depending on the viewer. Also it doesn’t look like a very comfortable nursing position to stay in for very long (but it is a statue after all…).

“Best for Babes”

If you read the gossip magazines (what else should we do in line at the grocery store?) then you’ve noticed how being pregnant is hip and sexy. Rather than hiding from the camera all those celebrities are parading their baby bumps. It’s ok to be pregnant these days.

What if breastfeeding could become just as admired? What if the paparazzi snapped photos of those cute nursing babes? Two women are trying to make that happen. Bettina Lauf Forbes and Danielle Rigg have started a foundation and website to promote breastfeeding through creating a new image of breastfeeding and then helping mothers get top quality breastfeeding information and support. They subtitle their site “Giving Breastfeeding a Makeover”. They say:

Our mission is twofold: 1) give breastfeeding a makeover — market, brand and mainstream it, acting as a catalyst to elevate this cause on par with Komen, Juvenile Diabetes, (Red) and others; and 2) shift the focus and pressure off moms and onto the “booby trapsthe cultural and institutional barriers to breastfeeding successfully—helping to remove those barriers through positive social pressure.

The website is still under construction but what it there looks like it has a lot of potential. I don’t think it’s the best website out there for answers to breastfeeding questions but it is one of the best I’ve seen for promoting breastfeeding. Mothers don’t need to be told they should breastfeed — they need support and acceptance. Breastfeeding needs to be appealing to mothers as well as good for babies. Best for both babes!

Nursing in Public – the symbol

It would be great to have a law that protected mothers that are breastfeeding their babies in public places. We’ve got people in Wisconsin working on this project right now. Legal protection, however, is only partial support. It may take a long time for the community to realize that nursing mothers should not be harassed. As supporters of breastfeeding mothers, there are lots of things we can do to help make nursing in public comfortable. Thanks to Mothering Magazine, we have one small and easy way to let mothers know that they are in a breastfeeding-friendly location:


The International Breastfeeding icon is available for free on-line. How about getting it posted at your church? Local coffee shop? Favorite restaurant? Workplace?