These are the websites that I often forward to mothers. This page is a collection, all at one place so it is easy to share. If we haven’t already spoken or if you have more questions after looking at these sites, you can reach me (Adria) at 698-0182.
Latch Help

Latching Basics

Diane Wiessinger’s “starting out” page

Suzanne Colson biological nurturing video clip

More laid-back or “natural” positioning videos

Global Health Media attachment video

IABLE “sandwich hold” video

Is this safe to take/use when I’m breastfeeding?

LactMed Data Base


Expressing Milk

Breast Massage and Hand Expression video

Global Health Media Project hand expression video

Expressing (newborn baby)

Hand expression video from Norway

Hands-on Pumping

Breast massage and milk expression after perinatal loss

Fitting pump flanges

Breast massage and milk expression after perinatal loss


Cup Feeding

Paced Bottle Feeding video from the Milk Mob

For Health Care Providers

Lactmed Medication Data Base

Hale’s Medications and Mother’s Milk

Nice’s nonprescription drug book and website

American College of Radiology Manual on Contrast Media (when a nursing mother needs imaging)

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

Local Donor Milk

Local Milk Bank

Outline for Perinatal Nursing Student Group

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