Our Services

We specialize in community-based breastfeeding help. We see breastfeeding as part of normal, healthy life. We help families in their homes because that is where breastfeeding most often happens. In-home problem solving lets us help families find solutions that fit their own lives.

A problem solving home visit includes a 1 to 2 hour visit in your home. During the visit we take a breastfeeding history, talk about your concerns, observe your baby feeding, check your baby’s weight, and create a solution plan. We help connect you to any other services that you might need and provide a consult report for you to share with your baby’s doctor. We are happy to communicate directly with your baby’s doctor as well. After the visit we follow-up by phone or email as needed.

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Adria charges a sliding fee of $75-$100 for home visits. You can decide what is appropriate for your family’s financial situation. Home visit services include in-person followup at her drop-in clinic at Happy Bambino, by phone, and by email. Ruth is retired and generally not available for one on one breastfeeding help. We can provide forms and information if you would like to request reimbursement from your health insurance company. Our first priority is helping mothers — if payment is a problem for you, let us know so we can arrange payment over time.

Note: Adria only does home visits within Dane County. Because of travel time, availability for visits outside of Madison may be limited.