Instinctive breastfeeding position?

Take a look at these girls “breastfeeding” their dolls. They’re both holding their dolls in the way mothers hold their babies when babies self-attach (as described by Dr. Tina Smillie) — or in the “Biological Nurturing” position described by Suzanne Colson. Maybe we should be learning something from watching these girls that (almost certainly) have…


Babies are so smart. They can latch on by themselves when they’re newborns. But they’re even cuter when they’re a little older:

Positions for Breastfeeding

In my birth class the instructor taught several breastfeeding positions: “cradle hold”, “cross-cradle hold”, and “football hold”. This is still the common approach to teaching mothers about breastfeeding. However Suzanne Colson, a UK midwife, has been advocating a new and very effective approach to thinking about positioning for breastfeeding. She calls it “Biological Nurturing” and…

Sit Back and Relax

You know how frustrating it is when your baby is hungry, you offer the breast, and he can’t latch on because he keeps putting his hands in the way? Well maybe it isn’t just that babies don’t know what to do with their hands — it could be that we’re holding them the wrong way….

Another latch video

One of the Madison La Leche League Leaders, Jeannie Manthe (thanks, Jeannie!), told me about this video. It shows a mother working with her baby, following her baby’s lead to get a good latch. Like the BreastCrawl video, it shows how skilled babies are but this video also shows how mothers can help their babies….

Can you believe what newborns can do?

The more we watch new babies, the more we see how amazing they are. New parents get to see this up close all day long and are usually so proud of their babies. I love the book “Your Amazing Newborn” by Marshall and Phyllis Klaus. It has great photographs of new babies interacting with parents…