New Chapter


Things look different coming out of the covid pandemic. I loved the work that I was doing 4 years ago but do not plan to recreate that. I am not going to reopen my drop in clinic or parent support groups. Instead I am focusing my work on supporting couples and individuals with their mental health. In addition to more general counseling, I am available to do therapy focused on breastfeeding trauma and grief, making difficult decisions about breastfeeding, and conflict between family members about feeding choices. I provide mental health counseling that is informed by 30 years of supporting breastfeeding families and staying current in lactation research and education.

Lactation home visits by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are still available in the Madison area. As websites and options may change over time, a good starting place to find these services is the Madison Postpartum Collective website. Note: I am still available for lactation visits if you are an established client (current or previous baby).

Thank you, all of you parents and babies and healthcare providers that have made it such a joy to do lactation home visits in the Madison area!

Adria Cannon, MS LMFT IBCLC

For more information on my current services go to


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