Nursing IS Normal – in the courtroom

Kudos to the mother, the lawyers, and the judge that treated nursing as something normal:

WAUKESHA – A mom from Milwaukee was pleading guilty to a crime in a Waukesha County courtroom when her baby became fussy and hungry, so she proceeded to give her baby a breast-fed meal while giving her guilty plea.

Read the rest of the story by Jay Sorgi at this website.


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  1. Kate says:

    From the judge: “The woman simply brought the child down to the area of her breast and started nursing the child.”

    As opposed to bringing the child down to the area of her–belly button?–knee?–and nursing the child?

    Also: “I’ve been a judge for about 35 years, and I’ve seen most everything, but this one was novel, and different.”

    In thirty-five years, he’s never seen a woman nursing her child in the courtroom? Good lord, I’m glad he treated it normally, but I despair that that’s the first time!

    1. I’d agree that it’s too bad that this was something new for the judge — but I’m looking on the positive side here. Sometimes it takes baby steps to change people’s attitudes and normalize things.

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