Can you find the breastfeeding picture?

The New York Times photojournalism blog has a readers’ photos display on families. Lots of love in these pictures and at least one breastfeeding photo. Can you spot it? Wishing you all a very good new year — Adria

Nighttime Feedings

This cartoon shows why so many breastfeeding mothers end up sharing their sleep space with their babies. Breastfeed In Your Sleep

Older nurslings

It really is different nursing an older baby or toddler. I’ve heard women say that they would never nurse a baby that could ask to nurse. While that might work for them, I found that breastfeeding just started to get easy around the time my babies started to talk. At the end of the first…

Camping story

Check out this hiking adventure from Erin Lotz at Outdoor Baby where two moms forget a very important item on their Grand Canyon trip. Here’s a little bit of the intro: We planned to hike to the river, spend a night, hike along the river, spend another night, and then hike all the way back. …

Cute, silly breastfeeding cartoon

This is something just to make you smile. This blog, Ninjerktsu, features cartoons about ninjas being jerks (not generally a breastfeeding topic) but this entry features a breastfeeding mother. Cute, huh? To see the whole story, including the ninja, click on the link.