July 4 Holiday 2019

Hi! No clinic this Thursday because it is a holiday. I hope you have a good holiday (whatever that looks like to you) and clinic will be back as usual on Monday.

No clinic Memorial Day 5/27/2019

I will be spending time with extended family. Of course you can call/text me if you have a concern that can’t wait until Thursday. I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend!

(Slightly) new location for drop in clinic

My clinic is hosted by the lovely Lumos Doulas. The landlords are doing some work on the space that turned into a surprise move across the hall for all of us. Here is the announcement from the doulas: “Woohoo adventure!! Owning a small business is quite the interesting gig, we’ve gotta say. 💛 We have…

Podcast from The Family Center

Ann Jamison at Edgewood’s Family Center (training clinic for Marriage and Family Therapy) interviewed me for a podcast on breastfeeding and parent mental health. It was a fun conversation. I just finished up my internship there and I’m having some nostalgic moments. I am grateful for the learning experience I have had at TFC.

No clinic 11/1/2018

I’ll be at a perinatal mental health training event on Thursday 11/1 so I will not be at clinic. I can still be reached by phone or email if you have questions.