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Breastfeeding and the law – where to get information?

It can be hard to know how a breastfeeding mother and family will be affected by laws. First of all it can be hard to find out what the laws say.  Then knowing what they say isn’t enough – most of us that aren’t lawyers (that is, most of us) need help understanding what the laws mean. This website by Jake Aryeh Marcus,, has both the texts and the explanations to help. Check it out!


Great latch article

My friend Nora just gave me a heads-up on this article by Fleur Bickford on the Best for Babes site. There are so many unhelpful things out there about latch – so many detailed instructions about specific positions that don’t actually work for all mothers and babies. Many of these detailed instructions seem to put mothers and babies out of sync with one another – but successful breastfeeding depends on mothers and babies working together. We are learning more all the time about how babies use their hands, how they get information from touch and smell, how they will try to adjust themselves to be comfortable. Mothers can support these inborn skills to help babies succeed at breastfeeding. Fleur Bickford’s article pulls together the thoughts that many people have been having about babies’ inborn breastfeeding skills in a user-friendly way.  It’s good stuff!

Not much time for blogging…

Just a note about my summer… I’m a mom with a bunch of kids at home so between work spending time with new mamas and babies and my own kids’ stuff I haven’t had time for writing about breastfeeding. I have been posting current breastfeeding news and research on Happy Bambino’s facebook page, though, so if you’re interested check it out. It is also a good place to have a conversation about parenting in the Madison area.

On-line learning opportunity

Health e-Learning offers great lactation education online. For the last three years I have participated in their breastfeeding conference, GOLD (Global On-line Lactation Discussion) and it was definitely worth my time. Anyway, I am plugging them here because they are offering a couple of their conference sessions for free and both are worth watching. Karleen Gribble’s presentation is about infant feeding in emergencies – something that we all should be aware of as we prepare in our own communities or contribute to aid organizations in other communities. James Akre talks about culture and breastfeeding promotion.