Sleep research

Since nursing babies that wake at night usually want to breastfeed, nighttime waking concerns are often seen as a breastfeeding problem. A new study in Pediatrics presents information about how babies sleep that could lead to problems for breastfeeding families if it is seen as how babies should sleep. It says in summary: CONCLUSIONS The…

Mental health for mamas

There is loads to say about this – having a baby is a huge life stress as well as a welcome joy. Breastfeeding often gets blamed for lots of problems with lack of sleep being on of the biggies. According to an article by Kathleen Kendall-Tackett (one of my very favorite authors on the topic…

Nighttime Feedings

This cartoon shows why so many breastfeeding mothers end up sharing their sleep space with their babies. Breastfeed In Your Sleep

Bedsharing and breastfeeding — video

I thought you might enjoy this short video clip about the benefits of bedsharing to breastfeeding babies. It’s a really short clip and doesn’t talk about guidelines for safe bedsharing. For more about safety, check out Dr. James McKenna’s website.

Sleep Survey Results

You may remember a post a while ago where I linked to a sleep survey for mothers of new babies. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett and Thomas Hale (authors of The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood and Medications and Mothers’ Milk respectively) have been collecting data about how new mothers sleep, where new babies sleep, how the babies are…