Camping story


Check out this hiking adventure from Erin Lotz at Outdoor Baby where two moms forget a very important item on their Grand Canyon trip. Here’s a little bit of the intro:

We planned to hike to the river, spend a night, hike along the river, spend another night, and then hike all the way back.  I think that was the itinerary.  I was to procure three items that would be shared and were considered critical (as opposed to our shared pots and tent which were less critical).  I was to bring a breast pump in order for us to “pump and dump” and therefore continue lactating for our breastfed one-year-olds.  I was also to bring a coffee press mug for Kristine.  Since she would be pumping and dumping, she could indulge in coffee on this trip — something she was looking forward to nearly as much as the hike itself.  Finally, I was to bring one of the two dinners.  Now remember, packing was somewhat haphazard.


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