(Slightly) new location for drop in clinic


My clinic is hosted by the lovely Lumos Doulas. The landlords are doing some work on the space that turned into a surprise move across the hall for all of us. Here is the announcement from the doulas:

Woohoo adventure!! Owning a small business is quite the interesting gig, we’ve gotta say. 💛

We have a ceiling issue that become a bit of a repair endeavor for the building owners. We have been scooted across the hall for the coming weeks (and likely months) as they get it all back in working order. Whoa! 

We will be able to keep on truckin’ with most of what we do at Lumos from the offices across the hall though, so that’s mighty convenient! 

What this means for Moonbeams folk is that you’ll need to use the main entrance around front, and you’ll find us directly across the hall from where our normal hallway entrance was. 

We have a cozy room all set up as a comfy community space and we will carry on with group as usual!

Hope you’re enjoying the spring color despite the gray and rain. 💛


The Lumos Team”

So if you’re coming to clinic, just follow the directions above. Looking forward to seeing you!


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