“Making More Milk”

I have been looking forward to this book’s publication ever since I heard a conference talk by one of the authors, Lisa Marasco. This book, Making More Milk, by Lisa Marasco and Diana West is finally available for pre-orders. I’ve got my copy ordered (and I keep checking my mail hoping it’s here) — I think it’s going to be an awesome resource for mothers with low milk production and the people that want to help them. One thing that I find particularly exciting about this book is that it looks at current lactation research to try to understand the different reasons that women have trouble making enough milk for their babies. It makes so much sense to try to use interventions that address the underlying problems.

Lisa and Diana have already shared so much of their experience and research. If you want a taste of what they offer, check out their website www.lowmilksupply.org or listen to them on the Motherwear podcasts.


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