Doulas are awesome…

I don’t think I can say this often enough: The easiest way to get breastfeeding off to a good start is a birth that is as natural as possible. Of course a natural birth doesn’t guarantee that breastfeeding will be trouble-free and birth interventions don’t mean that breastfeeding won’t go just fine. It is just that for most babies, they breastfeed best when they are born alert and fully ready. Research shows that having a doula at your birth makes natural birth more likely.

Even when a birth ends up being physically difficult, doulas can help new mamas feel better about the experience. And any time a mother feels good about herself it is easier to learn a new skill (like breastfeeding) and feel confident taking care of her baby.

Having said that, check out this new website for a local doula group:

And the general local doula directory:


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