Each baby is special

This post deals with an aspect of breastfeeding that I think is important but is hard to articulate well. Please be patient with me.

It starts with someone that I admire: Mr. Rogers. Here is a goodbye video that he did:

Mr. Rogers is so kind. He talks about how each person is special — just the way they are. He thanks us for caring for children. He smiles. He hugs people. He values feelings and friendship. Essentially, he values nurturing.

Breastfeeding is a very basic form of nurturing. It is food, hugs, attachment, warmth, communication, and love. All the time I see breastfeeding succeed when each baby is allowed to be a unique individual, when each mother is supported as a valuable person. Both the mothers’ and the babies’ feelings need to be acknowledged. Breastfeeding is personal in so many ways.

I think most of us are afraid to say that we value the people around us — that they are special, that we like them just the way they are. It makes us very vulnerable. But what better place to start than with our babies? Or the women taking care of these little ones? I’ll leave you with another Mr. Rogers video:


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