Mothers Milk Alliance

I wanted to do a shout out for our local, awesome, and maybe unique milk sharing organization. The Mothers Milk Alliance makes safe, affordable donor milk available to Madison-area families. 

Mothers’ Milk Alliance was born in 2007 from the meeting of two mothers: one with extra breastmilk and one with low milk supply. Both dilemmas are common and have occurred throughout time. 
One timeless solution has been milk sharing. Shared breastmilk can optimize infant health and nutrition, while profoundly strengthening social bonds and community resilience. But many mothers do not know another breastfeeding woman or do not feel comfortable asking for such intimate help. Moreover, mothers want basic assurance that milk from another woman is safe. Their healthcare practitioners want this too. 
Mothers’ Milk Alliance is an informed choice model of human milk sharing that facilitates donor lab testing, safety education and health screening, and accessibility to local infants up to 6 months of age. Donor milk is free.

If you’ve got extra milk to share, want to make a financial donation, or have a little one in need (note that they prioritize babies under 3 months), contact them. 

Additional note (February 2016): “Private Arrangement Milk Sharing (PAMS)” is the topic of this American Academy of Nursing position paper. It’s good reading if you’re thinking about milk sharing for yourself or anyone else.


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