Community Breastfeeding Promotion Awards

The Madison Breastfeeding Promotion Network and the Wisconsin Well Woman Program are awarding their first annual community breastfeeding promotion awards. Come celebrate with us! The announcement is below. Things start at 2pm, Thursday 10/2/2008 at the Warner Park Community Center. There’ll be refreshments (always a good thing). This year’s awards are to Happy Bambino (Breastfeeding Friendly Business), UW-Madison Microbiology Department (Breastfeeding Friendly Employer), Carousel Bayrd (Legislative Advocate), and me (Community Advocate).

As a note: I’m touched, surprised, and grateful for this award. I’m so grateful to all the wonderful mothers, babies, fathers, and siblings that have invited me to be a part of their lives. I also want to thank all the awesome lactation consultants (especially Ruth!), doctors, LLL leaders, doulas, nurses, and midwives that have helped me learn about helping breastfeeding mothers.



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