Hathor the Cow Goddess


If you’ve been breastfeeding for a while or hanging out with breastfeeding mamas (even if you haven’t breastfed) you might want to check out the Hathor the Cow Goddess cartoons. As the artist, Heather Cushman-Dowdee, describes Hathor:

Hathor the Cowgoddess is a character created by me, an artist living in Los Angeles, California. She is a superhero who wants to save humanity through the combination of nurture, sustainability and bonding inherent in the practice of attachment parenting. Her movement is called the Evolution Revolution, her breasts are her superpower and her sidekick is her baby, always carried in a sling and prominently (politically) suckling at her exposed breast.

You can also hear an interview with Heather at the Motherwear blog. I had a lot of fun listening to Heather tell her story about becoming a nursing mother and breastfeeding activist — hope you do too.


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