MMAW newsletter


The Mothers Milk Association of Wisconsin just put out their June newsletter. MMAW is working toward making human donor milk available to more families in Wisconsin that need it. Dr. Jill Mallory notes in the newsletter:

In the vast history of the human race there have been lactating communities, not just lactating mothers. If a baby was born healthy, milk would be there, somewhere, whether from family or tribe. Now in our modern society, we have broken off from our tribal roots and separated ourselves into single-family units, yet our need to nourish our babies and keep them healthy continues to be a community need. Milk donors are ready and able here in Wisconsin to fill this role of contemporary “wet nurse.” With the benefits of modern lab testing and pasteurization processes, we are able to safely link the donor with the baby in need.

As a young physician, I see the future of infant nutrition in human milk banking. There are always instances when supplementation of the newborn may be necessary, while awaiting readiness of the mother to nurse her own baby. The evidence regarding the safety and improved outcomes seen with donor human milk, especially in premature babies, is solid. I look forward to being able to write a prescription for human milk and to the assurance that my premature patients will receive the best nature has to offer during their stays in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. I await the day when premature babies will follow-up with me for well child visits free from infection and having spent less days hospitalized because of optimal feeding.


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