Another latch video

One of the Madison La Leche League Leaders, Jeannie Manthe (thanks, Jeannie!), told me about this video. It shows a mother working with her baby, following her baby’s lead to get a good latch. Like the BreastCrawl video, it shows how skilled babies are but this video also shows how mothers can help their babies. Babies have a strong instinct to breastfeed and mothers also have a strong instinct to help them. So check out this Latch Video. As a note, the mother in this video is sitting upright, like most mothers that we see breastfeeding in the USA. However recent research (by Dr. Suzanne Colson, news story) has shown that babies may be better at latch and attachment when their mother is lying down. As you can see, we still don’t know everything about how breastfeeding works but we keep learning by watching mothers and babies.


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