Sit Back and Relax

You know how frustrating it is when your baby is hungry, you offer the breast, and he can’t latch on because he keeps putting his hands in the way? Well maybe it isn’t just that babies don’t know what to do with their hands — it could be that we’re holding them the wrong way….

Want more sleep?

Yet another reason to breastfeed your baby. This study from 2007 in the Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing found that: Parents of infants who were breastfed in the evening and/or at night slept an average of 40-45 minutes more than parents of infants given formula. Parents of infants given formula at night also self-reported…

Kangaroo Care Handout

Kangaroo Mother Care — it’s all about keeping mothers and newborns together so that babies can thrive. Here’s a handout by one of the original KMC advocates, Dr. Nils Bergman. I’m posting it here with his permission. Print it out, share it with care providers, friends, and family. Good stuff. Kangaroo Mother Care Handout

Nursing in Public — the Right Attitude

In Madison women have the right to breastfeed their babies in public: “No person shall interfere with a mother breastfeeding her child or expressing breastmilk within any public accommodation where the mother would otherwise be authorized to be.” (Dane County (34.015) and Madison City (23.37) Ordinances) Some practical tips and the right attitude makes it…

Take baby to work?

Babies need their mothers. Breastfeeding is easiest when babies and mothers are together. But in Madison lots of mothers need and want to return to paid work just a few weeks after their babies are born. Better maternity leave (like most other industrialized countries have!) would be one way to solve this. Another possible solution…

Another latch video

One of the Madison La Leche League Leaders, Jeannie Manthe (thanks, Jeannie!), told me about this video. It shows a mother working with her baby, following her baby’s lead to get a good latch. Like the BreastCrawl video, it shows how skilled babies are but this video also shows how mothers can help their babies….

Kangaroo Mother Care: the Best Start

Kangaroo mother care (KMC) isn’t just for marsupials! It is a way of caring for newborn babies that is increasingly supported by research for both full-term and premature babies. When my nephew was born (at full term) he had a hard time maintaining his body temperature. His parents were worried that he would have to…

Grandma’s have fun too!

This is a Ruth with some of her grand kids. Grandmothers can be an important part of successful breastfeeding. They can offer emotional support, help take care of the household, and watch any older children. We welcome grandmothers at our breastfeeding classes. We also answer grandmothers questions (so call us).