Breastfeeding education for doctors in training

I have the pleasure of spending time with first year residents from the family practice program in Madison. They join me at my Happy Bambino drop in clinic during a week of their newborn rotation. So this article from the Journal of Human Lactation caught my eye: Educating Pediatric Residents about Breastfeeding: Evaluation of 3 Time-Efficient Teaching Strategies

In the study pediatric residents were asked to either shadow an IBCLC for an hour, watch a 25 minute DVD, or observe a prenatal breastfeeding class. The authors concluded:

All 3 teaching methods were time-efficient and produced important gains in knowledge and confidence, with residents in the IBCLC group demonstrating greatest improvement in knowledge and a higher rating of their teaching method. Our study provides support for 3 methods of teaching residents breastfeeding management and demonstrates that IBCLCs are well-received as interprofessional educators.


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