Why an IBCLC?

New video from the organization that certifies International Board Certified Lactation Consultants about how IBCLC’s are trained and what they do to help families:

The video is a little bit dry but has useful information about what to expect. Also some really cute footage of babies in good positions with good latch.

The video is about promoting our profession so it does not address the issue of deciding whether a lactation consultant is the best person to help with a particular problem. To help with that, read this from Diane Wiessinger some guidelines to help families choose whether an IBCLC is the appropriate helper for their situation:

What do you need? Help with medical care? With a standard birth? A sympathetic ear? Household help? Someone who can help you figure out why breastfeeding isnít going well? Someone who can help you fix it? When you match the helper to the need, you’re more likely to have a satisfying outcome.


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