Positive story in USA Today about milk banking


I thought it was pretty cool that a story about banked mothers’ milk made a media source as mainstream as USA Today – and not as a story about donating milk to mothers in disaster areas. It is a story about something that could (and does) happen in Madison.

Keely Shaw, 30, feeds her 5-month-old son Halston while her 2-year-old Wiley plays. Both boys were born premature in the 35th week and drank breast milk from the milk bank while Keely waited for her body to produce milk. She now donates breast milk to The Denver Milk Bank.

If you’re a Madison-area mother that wants to donate milk, get in touch with the Mothers’ Milk Association of Wisconsin (MMAW). If you need donated milk for your baby, MMAW is a good place for you as well to find the information about how to get it.


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