Breastfeeding Friendly Day Care

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has created a resource kit, “Ten Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Centers Resource Kit”. It can be downloaded for free from the DHS website. It is attractive and seems easy to read. It has a brief summary of how a daycare provider can support breastfeeding for mothers that leave their babies with the provider. There is also information about making a daycare a breastfeeding-friendly employer. There are also references for reading more — including my favorite: a list of breastfeeding-friendly books to read to young children. If this isn’t enough, daycare providers can get CEU’s (continuing education units) from the Wisconsin Department of Families and Children after studying this resource kit.

No – the state is not paying me to advertise this. I just think it looks like a really great resource provided by our government. Isn’t that cool?


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  1. hey adria – do you have a link? i’d be psyched to share it!!

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