Supporting breastfeeding in emergencies

Here’s a link to a free, on-line presentation by one of the world’s experts on this topic: Karleen Gribble. I found it informative without being at all dry. Here is what she says about the presentation:

I recently gave a presentation at the Gold09 conference on infant feeding in emergencies and what individuals and organisations can do to prepare to make a difference for this year’s World Breastfeeding Week, the theme for which is “Breastfeeding: a vital emergency response.” Denise Fisher of Health-e-Learning kindly agreed to place this presentation online free for anyone to view so that more mums and babies in the most difficult of circumstances can benefit from WBW. I know that some have struggled to think about how they can make this theme relevent for their community, this presentation gives a heap of ideas of different things you can do.  Details are below. Please pass the details about the talk onto anyone who you might think would be interested through your networks- it is just as applicable to “ordinary mums” as health professionals. The more awareness there is of how to help mums and babies in emergencies the more there will be who will genuinely be helped and the fewer harmed- so sadly many babies die because of well meaning but inappropriate aid.
Karleen Gribble

The presentation has been made available on our sister-site, My SummitZero – however, just because of the systems there, it requires a (free) registration before you can watch. The address of that site is

If you would like to give people direct access to the recordings without having to go through SummitZero, we’re perfectly happy for that too. You can distribute these direct links as you wish.

Recording (Format 1):
FLV Video (Format 2):


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