Hands-free Pumping

Mothers like to read, do the crossword, eat lunch, go online, or do whatever while pumping. It’s hard to turn all your break time at work into just pumping time. To help women multitask there are lots of commercial and homemade hands-free pumping gadgets. This zip-front bustier is popular with a lot of women that I know. Pumpin Pal makes a sort of harness that you put on like a necklace — here’s a video that shows how to use their product. Another option is to cut small holes in an old sports bra to put the breastshields/horns through. A couple mothers have told me that the new Medela Freestyle pump is a great hands-free option (“I even washed my dishes while I was pumping!”). Finally, Catharine Decker came up with a really cheap (and pretty cool) way to use hair elastics and nursing bras to make a hands-free pumping system. Here’s a picture:



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