A new (to me) resource:

Lots of families wonder if things in the environment (including medications, drugs, diseases, and chemicals) are safe for babies before birth and during breastfeeding. Here’s another resource to help us answer these questions:

OTIS provides health care professionals and their patients with up-to-date scientific information regarding the effects of maternal exposures to environmental agents on the developing baby and nursing infant. All telephone consultations are free-of-charge and confidential.

The phone line number is 866.626.6847. In addition to telephone consultations, OTIS has Fact Sheets for common exposures (among many other things they cover hair treatments, mold, Echinacea, Tylenol, lice & scabies). The Fact Sheets list references in case you want to learn more about the studies they base their recommendations on.  They are careful to note the different risks to babies of exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I’ll also add a link to the OTIS fact sheets on my library page in case you want to find it in the future.


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