One Mother’s Experience

As a lactation consultant I’m here to help you have a good breastfeeding experience as you define it — not as I define it. So I’m interested in your story not my story. I’m here to give you the combined experience of many women and scientific research not the particulars of my own breastfeeding experience.

But that doesn’t make exciting blogging. It’s a lot more fun to read about the experience and feelings of being an individual nursing mama. Just like with talk radio, it’s a lot more entertaining to hear from the people with out-spoken opinions. So if you want to read fun blogging about breastfeeding check out The Lactivist. Jennifer Laycock mixes stories of her own breastfeeding and pumping experiences with news and advocacy. (And if you’re into funny and in-your-face breastfeeding promotion t-shirts, she’s got them for sale.)


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