Sale on breastfeeding stuff!

As breastfeeding products are easier to get at community stores, Ruth and I have been able to change our focus from selling stuff to what we enjoy most: helping mothers prevent and solve breastfeeding problems. But… we’ve still got a few things in inventory. We’d like to clear these out and everything is on sale. We’ve got just a few bras (Medela and Bravado), pumps (Whisperwear), nursing pillows, and baby carriers that we’d love to give you a great deal on. Here’s our complete list.

If you want a nursing pillow, this is the place to get one — you can’t beat the price! Here’s Ruth’s description:

Nursing Pillows NEW

MyBrestFriend, MyBestFriend (inflatable), Deluxe Hugster, and Nurse EZ Twin. All available at my closing shop. I now teach positioning in a way that does not use pillows so my students never need these products. Asking Price: $15.00


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